Worm Farms

Complete Worm Farm Kits

Includes- Worms, worm farm and worm castings

Setting up a worm farm is the ideal way to both recycle your food scraps and get your garden beds healthy and vibrant.  Not only are you doing your bit for the environment by saving your food scraps from landfill but you’ll have some of the most vibrant, healthy plants and flowers around.

Our worm farms are the best value in Adelaide and come complete with 1000 worms, worm compost (containing worm eggs) and full instructions on how to set-up your worm farm.

We love recycling and we love to do our bit for the environment.  All our worm farms are made from 100% recycled plastic and the box it’s packaged in doubles up as a liner in the worm farm, so it is immediately recyclable. 

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Eco-Friendly Gardening

Can-O-Worms - Worm Farm

$90  excluding postage

Can-O-Worms is an ideal starter worm farm kit. Quick and easy to set up the Can-O-Worms kits contain

  • 2 x working trays
  • Flyproof vented lid for aeration
  • Vented collector tray with tap for easy collection of worm juice (organic fertiliser)
  • Easy to install legs
  • 1000 worms
  • Worm castings to be used as worm bedding
  • Instruction manual
  • Assembled size – 51cm long x 51cm deep x 65 cm high
  • Capacity – 57 litres

Worm Café – Worm farm

$110  excluding postage

Worm Cafe is the ultimate worm farm kit for serious gardeners.

With 35% more capacity than the Can-O-Worms, the Worm Café is ideal for recycling all of your kitchen waste and provides a regular supply of worm castings (compost) and worm juice (100% organic liquid fertiliser). The Worm Café contains-

  • 3 x working trays
  • Hinged vented lid for aeration
  • Vented collector tray with non-drip tap for easy collection of worm juice (organic fertiliser)
  • Easy to install legs with ant protection
  • 1000 worms
  • Worm castings to be used as worm bedding
  • Instruction manual and instructions engraved on the hinged lid
  • Assembled size – 57cm long x 39cm deep x 75 cm high
  • Capacity – 77 litres

Our complete worm farm kits can be collected directly from our farm door or couriered throughout Australia.

Worm Farms – a quick guide

Worm farms are an excellent way to recycle your food scraps and create a 100% natural, sustainable supply of nutrient-rich garden fertiliser and compost.  Whilst full instructions can be found in your instruction manual,  here are a few quick tips on how to get the best from your worm farm.


Always put your worm farm in a shaded location where it will be protected from the harsh afternoon sun.

Working Trays

Start your worm farm off with just the one tray.  Only add another tray when the existing tray becomes full.  When adding an additional tray, line the tray with soil and food scraps which will encourage the worms to move up through the layers of your worm farm.

Feeding the worms

Feed your worms on

  • Fruit scraps (see note on citrus)
  • Veggie scraps and leafy greens (see note on onions)
  • Teabags and coffee grounds
  • Crushed eggshells
  • Shredded paper, cardboard or newspaper

Chop your food into small pieces before adding to the worm farm

Whilst you can recycle citrus and onions in a worm farm, it is advisable to only add small amounts of these foods as they can increase the acidity of the worm farm and alter its PH balance.

Meat or dairy can be recycled in a worm farm, however, they may cause odour and pest problems. 

When adding food scraps to the worm farm sprinkle some soil over the top as the sand in the soil helps the worms to breakdown the food.