Worm Castings

Worm Castings Adelaide

Worm castings also known as vermicast or worm compost is one of the richest natural fertilisers available and is amazing for soil.   Packed full of microbes, nutrients, minerals and beneficial bacteria, worm castings look and feel like compost and are used to enrich the soil.  With a diverse range of bacteria and microbes they promote plant growth, they inhibit plant diseases including root rot and wilt disease and help prevent various insect pests including mites, aphids and mealybugs. 

In addition to providing valuable nutrients, worm castings have up to 50% more humus than topsoil which helps to increase water retention and aeration in the soil.  Worm castings also encompass worm cocoons which contain eggs.  So when you add worm castings to the soil, within a couple of weeks there will be baby worms in the soil to help breakdown the organic matter and keep the nutrient cycle going. 

Fresh worm castings for sale

$1.10 per kg excluding postage

15kg bags - $16.50 excluding postage

Worm castings can be collected from our farm door at Devoran Park, Adeliade or delivered via courier.