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Worm Farms – Natures eco-friendly gardening solution

The Worm Factory is Adelaide’s leading commercial worm farm and we are passionate about worms.   All our worms and worm products are harvested to order so you can be guaranteed of the freshest and best worm products around. 

Worms are mother natures natural recycling machines and they are a fantastic source of organic nutrients for the soil.  Worms, Worm farms and worm products – worm compost (also known as worm castings) and worm juice are the perfect solution for home gardeners, commercial gardeners, organic farms and organic gardeners to create naturally healthy, vibrant and nutrient-rich soils for healthy crops and thriving flower beds.

Adelaides ‘Go To’ Worm Farmer

The Worm Factory is a local family-owned and operated business based in North Adelaide.  Established back in 1988, we are Adelaide’s leading commercial worm farmer.  It’s our healthy vibrant worms that produce the natural liquid fertiliser – known as worm juice or worm tea, and the nutrient-rich worm compost (worm castings) that many local farmers, gardeners and horticulturalists use. 

We love our worms and with over 30 years in the business, there’s not much we don’t know about worm farming.  All our products are premium quality and harvested fresh which is why we are Adelaide’s ‘go-to’ worm farm.  If you need worms for the garden or fishing bait, worm juice (worm fertiliser) or worm castings then why not use the worm farmer that all the professional farmers and gardeners use?

You can collect your products from our farm door or we can send them to you via courier.  Either way, you’ll get the best and freshest worm products in Adelaide.

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